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End of a "Season", beginning of?

Float-a-palooza 2016

Sometimes, well a lot of times, you just need to let go and be a kid again. Although this time a kid with a giant floaty toy. A kid with a floating piece of pizza or a blow up "flip flop". 

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to witness one of the  most spectacular days on SF Bay in recent memory. I was not  a direct participant but the smiles that are still coming from my memory ot it will last me long into the depths of winter.

I really can't describe what it's like to see a flotilla of giant blow up float toys being towed into Aquatic Park or "adults" who luckily do not always act like adults with these mega-watt smiles on their faces. I will leave you to enjoy the videos taken by Kim Howard and please.. let's all remember to be kids more often.

End of a "Season", beginning of?

Suzie Dods

Wow, I am horrid at this blog stuff.

So much has happened and yet nothing has.

I finished my "triple crown" and thought that well, the world would stop. D'uh. It didn't. I had a lovely day, great tides, a fab kayaker( aren't they all?) and a superb hostess and crew. I swam as hard as I could for as long as I could, and I finished. Done and dusted.

What next?  I don't know. I really don't. I had visions of trying something in October but life got in the way. Now? All I really want to do is find time to swim on a regular basis, anywhere.

I also want to start to give back, and was able to do so by crewing for a friend in VT, in "Search for Mempher". A MUCH harder swim than I would ever attempt, much less finish. I learned so much watching Amanda and being on a boat with the lovely Charlotte B all day.

( Rule number one, always put sunscreen on EVERYWHERE) Number two? The French( even if they are Canadian French, really like it if you wear your bra as a bathing suit top.

Seriously, two stellar displays of fortitude, Katie B and Amanda H did sooo soo well.

Two threads have come up in the MSF site, one about the "ego swimmer" and two about DN.

If you want my thoughts on those two threads, I have made copious comments.

Recently in San Francisco Bay we had the first ever documented attack on a seal/sea lion wonderfully video taped and narrated by a really cute young boy.I think I have put the link here.

 If not, just google it.

I must admit, I am having second thoughts about the Angel Island to Aquatic Park swim in two weeks but who knows. 

I intend to continue doing "Intro to Bay Swim" sessions as long as there is a need for them so watch the "EVENTS " page here.

Otherwise, just keep swimming. The lovely and sadly missed Dave Parcells' advice reverberates every winter. "You're not going to like what I have to say " he said, " but ya gotta put the time in the pool". 

I hope to do that.