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This site serves as introduction of Suzie Dods as a swim teacher and coach, provides her qualifications as a swimmer and teacher, and provides a summary of her offerings and swim philosophy.


Float-a-palooza 2016

Sometimes, well a lot of times, you just need to let go and be a kid again. Although this time a kid with a giant floaty toy. A kid with a floating piece of pizza or a blow up "flip flop". 

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to witness one of the  most spectacular days on SF Bay in recent memory. I was not  a direct participant but the smiles that are still coming from my memory ot it will last me long into the depths of winter.

I really can't describe what it's like to see a flotilla of giant blow up float toys being towed into Aquatic Park or "adults" who luckily do not always act like adults with these mega-watt smiles on their faces. I will leave you to enjoy the videos taken by Kim Howard and please.. let's all remember to be kids more often.

Feet on the floor, after work

Suzie Dods

With the days definitely longer and the water staying at about 58F , combined with the fact that I have figured out a way to get home using public transit that doesn't take me over an hour.... I have been able to swim in the bay after work twice this week. 

While it may not be the best training it is swimming and all swimming is good. Consistency is better than inconsistency and while there may be some garbage yardage involved in my evening swims I am happy to wash the days stresses away and revel in the evening light.

Then there's the pool. I have dropped my master's club membership for now and will just be doing  drop in at the various pools around the county.  This sometimes entails some serious dedication. I get home and all I want to do is listen to the baseball game . Once I am home it can be very difficult to drag myself out again. Hence the "feet on the floor after work".

Successful so far, cranked out a nice tidy 3K last night in the waning light of a lovely sunset in Mill Valley.  I read somewhere that Graehme Schlachter ( aka Zmhippo) sometimes feels that he just wants to drive past his pool and go home after work. 

I can relate and yet , feel I am winning the battle this week. 

Let's hope next week goes as well.