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Float-a-palooza 2016

Sometimes, well a lot of times, you just need to let go and be a kid again. Although this time a kid with a giant floaty toy. A kid with a floating piece of pizza or a blow up "flip flop". 

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to witness one of the  most spectacular days on SF Bay in recent memory. I was not  a direct participant but the smiles that are still coming from my memory ot it will last me long into the depths of winter.

I really can't describe what it's like to see a flotilla of giant blow up float toys being towed into Aquatic Park or "adults" who luckily do not always act like adults with these mega-watt smiles on their faces. I will leave you to enjoy the videos taken by Kim Howard and please.. let's all remember to be kids more often.

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Back in the Pool

Suzie Dods

It's been a couple of busy fun weeks, what with the  24 Hour Relay and friends but it's time to get back at it. I have SCAR coming up before MIMS and need to get some quality yardage it.

Unfortunately , one gets OUT of shape alot faster than one gets IN shape.

2200 yards last night, and I felt as if I was swimming through treacle. I got it done and slept like a baby. Baby steps, baby steps.

Next on the Agenda

Suzie Dods

With the 24 hour relay done and dusted until 2016,  I have time to settle in for my next challenge.  Enjoy the recap below.  Thanks Lisa.

MIMS- 2015. 

Many of you know that I have attempted MIMS before and I won't go into detail, but it is a thorn in my side.

MIMS is the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, a counter-clockwise circumnavigation of Manhattan. It is part of the Triple Crown of swimming. The other two jewels are the English Channel and the Catalina Channel. I have succeeded at those but this one.. oooh boy.

I am scheduled for late July. Follow my progress here!