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This site serves as introduction of Suzie Dods as a swim teacher and coach, provides her qualifications as a swimmer and teacher, and provides a summary of her offerings and swim philosophy.


Stepping off into the deep end...


Stepping off into the deep end...

Suzie Dods

I finally did it.

I quit my desk job.

I’m committed to coaching full time at a lovely facility in the East Bay.

It’s a dream job. It’s outside, it’s with swimmers and non-swimmers. It has youth and maturity. It has the challenge of making me become a better coach and teacher.

I was scared at first and now I’m excited.

I still look back at MY first swimming lessons as what I DON’T want to happen.

Yesterday I was able to get in the water with some munchkins and give them some personal attention vis a vi their buttterfly kick. After just a couple of tries, they got it and I was sooo excited.Got to pick up a little one and play “washing machine” as a reward.

For the un-initiated “washing machine is bobbing up and down and around ( like a washing machine “ but with the added benefit of throwing them up in the air a bit to make a splash.Tryit… it’s fun.

Changing careers at 58 is a big step, but the joy I have from being in and around the water is a joy I can’t replicate anywhere else.