Ready to get in the water? Great. Please email me for additional information on becoming a more confident and joyful swimmer.


270 Channing Way, #3
San Rafael, CA 94903


This site serves as introduction of Suzie Dods as a swim teacher and coach, provides her qualifications as a swimmer and teacher, and provides a summary of her offerings and swim philosophy.


Swim Lessons

Suzie Instructs Small Groups


Lessons are individualized to your goals. While people are usually very excited about learning how to swim better, faster, and more comfortably, some are hesitant. I sit and talk with you a while before jumping in to the pool or the San Francisco Bay. This gives you a chance to question me and understand how I teach, as well as for me to see how you respond to my style and energy.


Cost and Lesson Structure

A first session usually takes about  90 minutes of which approximately 45 minutes are spent swimming, and costs $95. Follow-up sessions are usually 60 minutes,  and there is more swimming, based on your goals.Follow up sessions are $75. Purchase a package of three swim lessons for $225.

I work best individually or in small groups of up to 3 people. The rate is $150 and a package of three lessons for three people is $300.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations within 24 hours of a lesson will be charged in full.