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This site serves as introduction of Suzie Dods as a swim teacher and coach, provides her qualifications as a swimmer and teacher, and provides a summary of her offerings and swim philosophy.


Swim Training

Pool Training in Greece

If you are curious or interested in training for a long swim ,3K, 5K, 10k or even longer, I can tailor a program to suit your goals. You can always go further than you think you can!

Many people find the pool BOOORRRING. It isn't !  You just haven't learned yet how to use the pool to your advantage. The pool is the place to start.

  • The place to start to work on your technique.
  • The place to start to get faster and stronger.
  • The place to start to swim longer.

I can swim with you, send you workouts, watch you train in person, or you can send me a video, and I can critique your stroke. We'll make the pool a fun, challenging place where you will want to train.The fee is $75 a month for 5 workouts a month and a phone check in.  The workouts are tailored to both the short term and long term goals . The initial phone call is free and follow up calls are 20-30 minutes.

Weekly Swim Sessions

If you are looking for an informal, fun and educational weekly training session, please contact me.

I can tailor workouts for your goals, whether that is an Alcatraz swim , a  3K swim, a 5K or even a 10K or longer.

I can also train with you if you want a training partner, whether in the open water or in a pool.

You can do it. You just don't know it yet.